Reviewed direct

Our Panel of researchers and Third Party Reviews Professionals hereinafter referred to as RP for a Review(s) that you consider to be false ,fake malicious or outside the platforms terms of business.
1.0 Course of procedure

1.5 It is at the discretion of our panel as to whether to pass your case to a RPand the appropriate timing to do so. This decision will be based on our knowledge and expertise relating to the industry and will be judged on an individual basis.

1.6 In so far as the Reviewed direct provides reasons that would constitute nono breach of platform terms, and provided our research confirms this result, we will terminate any further action and we will inform you accordingly; no costs will be charged to you.

1.7 If the RP proceeds with processing your claim, we reserve the right to stop at any time without explanation.
1.8 You authorise . Reviewed direct to accept and the RP to accept on your behalf without any further consultation.

1.9 If the RP comes to the conclusion that the probability of successfully enforcing the cases is sufficiently high, they will arrange the processing for you. In such a case, you authorise us to provide the RP access to any and all data submitted by you and you authorise the RP to forward information on to our panel.Please note that in many our cases due to the processing time of reviews, the amount of time to process can vary.Unfortunately, this means that we have no influence on how fast your cases can be processed. If a further Assignment Form, Witness Statement or any other document must be submitted to . Reviewed direct as an original document, you agree to sign and send the relevant document to our contracted RPs, or ourselves, without delay which is viewed as within 7 days.
1.10 If the RP comes to the conclusion that the probability of successfully enforcing the cases is not sufficiently high, we will inform you about this conclusion and the platforms final response will refrain from any further activities. The collection order shall end with that notification to you. You will receive a brief email outlining the reasons your claim cannot be successfully processed. In such a case, you will not be charged any costs.

1.11 You are giving permission that the. Reviewed direct may make payment of your rebate to us and permitting us to deduct any sum owed to us from any final or interim funds paid in your favour.


2.1 In order to be able to process your claim successfully, we depend on your support. That means that you inform us completely and correctly, not only when you order our services but also during the entire process. This requirement to co-operate extends to our panel RP also . Reviewed direct.

2.2 See 3.0 Fees.
2.3 We serve any and all documents to you by email, and this is deemed acceptable to you. You are therefore expected to review the email account you have provided to us as your point of contact on a regular basis. If you change your email account, it is your responsibility to advise us of your new contact email, along with any amendments to addresses or telephone numbers previously supplied.
2.4 If you (a) provide incorrect or incomplete data against your better judgement or intentionally, or if (b) you have withheld from us that you have already received correspondence from the review platform for the applicable case or previously or since engaging our services instructed a third party,. Reviewed direct reserves the right to assert its case against you for the resulting damage, and invoice you on grounds of non-co-operation or otherwise.

2.5 If you receive any direct correspondence or any other type of any form of credit e.g. from platform or third party after or before engaging our services, you are obligated to inform us immediately.Any charges incurred will be invoiced.
2.6 To achieve an optimal result for you, you are obligated to refrain from negotiating with . Reviewed direct or third party upon engaging our services. If you do, we will deem this a breach of contract and our full fees are due in any case.

2.7 While the contract is in effect, you may not transfer the claim to another entity (e.g. a RP or a board of arbitration) for the purpose of collection, and you may not initiate any legal action on your own, either. If you do, we will deem this a breach of contract and our full fees are due in any case.

2.8 Having signed our Assignment Form the contract has been entered into and commenced. Subsequent failure to sign the required RP Assignment Form/ Letter of Authority or any other required documentation such as, but not exclusively, a Witness Statement, does not remove your contractual obligations to us, nor your liability for payment of our fees.

2.9 If you are experiencing difficulty in obtaining other information , such as being eligible and other proof of entitlement, we will be able to offer you advice to assist you in securing this documentation from any third party. You will need to advise us if you are experiencing difficulty within 30 days.
2.10 By engaging our services, you are confirming you have not already made a successful claim or otherwise.
2.11 By engaging our services you are confirming you have not engaged any other case company or law firm in relation to the same case, or have contacted . Reviewed direct directly PRIOR to engaging our services, and accept that if you have previously taken any of these steps, you must notify us immediately, in order that we may take this into account when reviewing the claim, and if necessary advise you

3.0 Fees

3.5 If you fail to provide us with any requested documentation within a reasonable timescale, which is required to further and complete the claim you have engaged our services to work upon e.g. any documents required by. Reviewed direct/ bank details if required, then we may choose to invoice you our full fees, and terminate the claim.We consider 30 days a reasonable timescale. If you are unable to work within this timescale due to issues in locating required documents, YOU MUST contact us within 30 days to advise us. Otherwise, after an initial period of 30 days period, we may advise you of our intention to Terminate the Contract, and raise a non-co-operation fee invoice.

6.0 Term of Contract

6.1 This agreement will come to an end when the claim is settled in full or in part, by payment or if – after examination of the case it is confirmed to you in writing by post or email, that the case has no reasonable chance of success, in our opinion.

7.0 Data Protection Statement

7.1 . Reviewed direct will use your personal data for processing your claim. Please see our Privacy Policy for confirmation of how we will use your data.
7.2 By submitting your details as an enquiry, you are opting into receiving correspondence from us and carefully selected third parties.No more than two SMS/emails per month. You can opt out at any time.

7.3 By signing the Assignment Form to engage our services you are aware that fees will be payable and agreeing to us using your data, along with data relating to other claimants you represent by having detailed them on the claim, (refer to 2.12) to best effect in liaising with all required bodies, eg., RPs, etc. Please note this list is not exhaustive.